About Artfuel

A recovering workaholic and novice retiree, I’m seeking more creativity in all I do.

I’ve been privileged to lead a trade association, become a magazine publisher and a writer, and an internal communications and corporate giving strategist for a global creative technology company.  This work enabled me to design and implement unusual projects and programs that enabled many people to excel and I treasure every experience of my business career.

My last day of ‘work’ was on April 1, 2016. Suddenly, I have time to use my creativity in new ways. So I’m on a journey to reawaken some of the art making skills that I’d put aside years ago. As I revisit various art forms and media, I’m learning that my creativity, (whether in making art, improving my home, nurturing key relationships and even writing and reading more thoughtfully), needs inspirational fuel in the form of new ideas, connections and challenges.

Thanks to Julia Cameron’s book for “retirees and other creative souls,” I’m feeling more positive and focused than I did in the early weeks of leaving my work life.  And I’m structuring my time to routinely seek new skills and resources; to push myself to do and be more.

As I share the art fuel I find along this journey, please feel free to gather and build on any creative kindling you find here, too.  I’d also love to hear about what motivates or feeds your creative life.

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