Art Will Save You

While walking home from my neighborhood art supply store, and thinking how lucky I am to have that creative resource in my backyard, this bold statement spoke to me from a small sign stuck on a light post.

photo copyright Peggy Willett

Save me? Save you? For what? From what?

Intrigued, I searched the phrase and found the Art Will Save You site.

Their ‘about us’ section presents the encouraging idea that the act of making marks, blending colors, trying textures and taking chances with new materials can save us as they spark explorations in new creative directions.

As the AWSY folks say, the phrase likely means different things to each of us. But it makes me happy. So I bought some of their stickers to give to people I treasure. I’m also using their neat little canvas zip bags in my art kit, in my purse and as gifts.

Each time I see that phrase it encourages me to keep fueling my art studies with new adventures; to keep going when I fail a drawing or painting.

Perhaps the idea that art will save you resonates with you, too. Whether your art is gardening, cooking, traveling, photography, filmmaking, painting, designing, collecting, dancing, gardening, music or more, it’s likely saving you. For what? From what? Up to you!

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