They say it takes two…

…Two people, that is, to create an artwork.  One to bring it into existence and another to say “STOP” when it’s finished.

Have you ever taken a good drawing or painting too far and ruined it?

I’ve blown up several sketches over the past couple of days, but I DID draw or paint each day so far this year. All five days of it. And I am not ashamed to share a couple of  watercolor pencil drawings/paintings.

Working from photos I took in my garden last May, these made me happy today:

Reference photo from May, 2016:photo-for-calla-wcp

My water color version, January 4, 2017:


I liked this but went further with it. Looking at the version below, I wish I’d listened to that voice that said, Stop!

Final Calla Lily, January 4, 2017:

Calls Jan 4 FINAL.png

I am not sure the addition of the small leaf at top right adds anything to the composition, though I do like the more atmospheric areas around the flower and leaves and the darker values add drama.

I’m glad to have photos of both stages so that I did not lose what I liked about the first version.

Today, I drew from a different reference photo, also from May 2016:


My January 5 interpretation, in watercolor:


Callas are dramatic flowers and interesting to draw.

Years ago, I made jewelry and created many cloisonne enameled pendants featuring this flower. I sold them all but wish I had kept one.  My original design sketches and photos of some finished pieces are tucked away somewhere. It might be time to review them and see what I can learn from them this year. I sense the need for another round of closet cleaning to find them. Oy!

However, for now, I am excited that new callas will emerge in my garden in a few months.

The days are already lengthening and I know that Spring is coming.

10 thoughts on “They say it takes two…

    1. Hey, thanks for the comment. You should get Betty Edward’s book ‘Drawing on the right side of the brain’ and follow her exercises. You’d be amazed at the skills you can build, even if you’ve never drawn before. I learned a lot from her years ago. Then keeping a small sketch book with you and doodling around with it a little each day, builds that mind/muscle connection in your hand and eye. Would love to hear whether you give it a try.

      Also, there are groups in many cities called Urban Sketchers…check out their global site and see if Memphis has a chapter. That might be a cool group to connect with. I just found out about them and am working up the courage to connect.


      1. I’ve bought Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain twice, and each time I lent it to someone and never got it back.

        Urban Sketchers is beautiful. Maybe it will inspire me. I spend most of my time reading, writing and thinking about words. I’d like to do something that doesn’t involve words.


    1. I also like your blog and the articles about your painting. Thanks for sharing your color mixing tips on the lavender leaves…watercolor is a struggle for me as I make too much mud! I look forward to reading more as you go forward.

      Liked by 1 person

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